Monday, December 12, 2016

Alex Picado: The Difference between United States and Nicaragua

Jimmy Alexander Picado was born in Managua, Nicaragua in 1974. He lived in Nicaragua for 19 years until he came with his family to United States in 1993. However Alex who is my father went back to Nicaragua in 1995 to marry his girlfriend, which is my mom, and stayed over there for 6 years and came back to United States with me and mom in 2000. In the interview below he mentions the difference between Nicaragua and United States, and how United States gives more opportunities to become who you want with enough work.

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"The Growth of service sector employment created new job opportunities for many of the states residents" - Competing Visions: A History of California  pg.405

Alex started working at an Art warehouse in 1993 at 19 where he started getting paid $8.00/hr which was the general weekly income in Nicaragua. The segment above Alex explains his experiences in working in United States.


"We are more close-knit. We tend to help one another. Americans, ya know, they are all right, but they don't help each other that much." - Family, Culture, and Gender in Filipina

Although the quote refers to Filipino families, Latin families are very much alike. In the Segment above Alex talks about if he considers himself to be American or not, and if he believed in the American Dream. Alex also discusses on how he immigrated to United States.


"Hispanic population, concentrated primarily  in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, became more diverse." (396)

Alex has been living in San Francisco for almost 21 years and he's seen many changes in the city, but in the segment above he talks about one of the few things that haven't changed in San Francisco since the late 1890's which is Diversity.

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